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Silicon Wafer & Related Services

Dear Customers,

Nippon Chemi-Con is the largest manufacturer of Aluminum Electrolytic Capacitors in the world. In addition, we also sell Silicon wafers and wafer related products as a reseller. Power semiconductors are recognized as a key device for the energy saving market and MEMS sensors are recognized as a key product for the IoT market. In order to expand and complement our existing business field of capacitors in the energy saving market and IoT market, we are supplying not only Silicon wafers, but also are offering Wafer Reclaiming services, Film Deposition services and Thermal Coupler Equipping services.

Silicon Wafer(Prime grade, Monitor grade, Dummy grade)

We are now supplying the range from Prime grade wafers for semiconductors to “Monitor” and“Dummy” grade wafers for evaluation purposes. We can supply custom made wafers as requested.

Standard Specifications

Wafer Size 4 inch 5 inch 6 inch 8 inch 300mm
Growth Method CZ CZ CZ CZ MCZ
100 ± 0.2 125 ± 0.2 150 ± 0.2 200 ± 0.2 300 ± 0.2
525 ± 25 625 ± 25 625 ± 25 725 ± 25 775 ± 25
Conductivity Type P Type P Type P Type P Type P Type
Crystal Orientation <100> <100> <100> <100> <100>
0.1 - 100 0.1 - 100 0.1 - 100 0.1 - 100 0.1 - 100
Particle Size >=0.3µm <=10pcs >=0.3µm <=10pcs >=0.3µm <=10pcs >=0.2µm <=30pcs >=0.12µm <=100pcs

Wafer Reclamation

We offer Wafer Reclaiming services for used wafers. By using this service, you can reduce wafer disposal.

Wafer Reclaiming standard specification

Wafer size 6 inch 8 inch 300mm
Controlling particle >=0.3µm <=10pcs >=0.2µm <=30pcs >=0.12µm <=100pcs
Controlling metal
Al, Cr, Na, K, Ca, Fe, Ni, Cu, Zn
Al, Cr, Na, K, Ca, Fe, Ni, Cu, Zn
Al, Cr, Na, K, Ca, Fe, Ni, Cu, Zn

Reclaiming process flow chart

Thermal Coupler Equipping Service

It is very important for the Semiconductor manufacturing process and the LCD or OLED manufacturing process to control the surface temperature of the wafer and glass panels. We offer the service to equip a thin cable of thermal coupler to the wafer or glass panel, and also provide the measurement data of the temperature map of these products.

A difference between current service and our offered service

A difference between current service and our offered service

•We can supply a range of wafers including Silicon wafers, SiC wafers, Glass and Metal plates.
•We can provide custom made specifications as requested.
•We can also provide temperature measurement in a vacuum environment.

Film Deposited Wafer and Patterned Wafer

We also offer the service for various Film deposition and Pattern making on both 8inch and 12inch wafers.

<Film depositing>

<Pattern making>

Our service characteristics of Film deposition and Pattern making

•Possible Film deposition types are shown below.

Category Production method Type of film
Oxide Thermally oxidized film Thin & Thick thermally oxidized film
Spin coating SOG
Annealing RTO
Nitride LP-CVD LP-SiN
Silicon LP-CVD Poly-Si, Amorphous-Si
Photo/Resists Spin coating G-line, I-line, Krf, Ar
Metal Spattering Al, Ti, Ta, Cr, Cu, W, ITO etc.
Coating Ti, Ni, Au, Cu etc.

•We can make the reticle mask for patterning by request.
•We can make 90nm size Hole patterns and Line/Space patterns for 12inch Wafers.


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